Profoundly radicalized jihadist arrested in Barcelona

Allah's Willing Executioners

A Moroccan citizen in Barcelona linked to ISIS wasarrestedin the district of Cuitat Vella, Barcelona, He had shown signs of radicalization and an affinity for the Islamic State for at least four years.

The police blocked traffic in the street where he resides, and agents searched the residence. According to the Civil Guard, that the radicalization of the individual was activated in a “highly noticeable and concerning manner”.

In addition, he was observed avoiding confinement [lockdown] in a habitual manner and without justification, in a possible search for targets.

According to the Civil Guard, the investigation, directed by Central Court of Investigation and the Public Prosecutor of the National Court, was carried out with the collaboration of the US FBI and General Directorate of Security of Morocco (DGST).

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