Dies Irae


Do you guys listen to (or play) classical music? That’s my normal fare, to listen to, and yes, I used to play some of it, although as a brass player, marches were more my style. One composer that I have always liked rather a lot is Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff. He came along pretty late in the Romantic period, a Russian who ended up escaping to the United States, and there are clues in the music. He was also an Orthodox Christian which perhaps matters as well.

Anthony J. DeBlasi over at American Thinker has noticed as well. I’m frankly weak on Medieval Latin Hymns, but I am familiar with Requiem Masses, therefore the phrase Dies Irae is not wholly unfamiliar. I did not recognize that Rachmaninoff worked the plainsong of this into almost all of his works. A message? Perhaps.

What I hadn’t heard till this morning was his Symphony…

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