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Address Delivered at the Dedication of a Monument to Lafayette Calvin Coolidge

Constitutional Watchman “The time to stop those who would loosen and weaken the fabric of our government is before they begin. The time for Americans to range themselves firmly, squarely and uncompromisingly behind American ideals is now. The great body … Continue reading

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DEM #Impeachment Plan Isnt Working..New Plan Diversion: Shoot Up Schools, Etc

Originally posted on The Mad Jewess:
The CommunistCrat plans of a phony impeachment is falling flat on the American Public… So, forward to Plan B: Shoot up schools and create diversion.  Anyway, thats what I think.  Why do I think…

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The Bull Roars, and the Schiff Lies

nebraskaenergyobserver Record highs on the DJ Index, and all the other indices of the economy, during an impeachment inquiry? That’s something new. Why? David Marcus at The Federalist tells us. Are these two major events on the Acela corridor related? … Continue reading

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