Mr. Double-Secret-Coronavirus-Shadow-Briefer Is (Cough) Ready for (Cough) Duty!

Allah's Willing Executioners


For a guy who justbiffed hisfirst, live anti-Trump “shadow briefing” about the coronavirus, Joe Biden, the Double-Secret-Coronavirus-Shadow-Briefer, probably shouldn’t have made this move during a live interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The last we sawTapper he was “enraged”at rollerblading San Franciscans who were supposed to be socially distancing but not doing so to the liking of the anchorman. At the time, Tapper tut-tutted with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “This is kind of enraging. Many people in San Francisco haveclearly not gottenthe message!”

On Tuesday, Tapper was back on the job as America’s Anchor-Doctor.

Tapper welcomed Biden, but almost as soon as the interview started, he looked horrified as the Double-Secret-Coronavirus-Shadow-Briefer … used his hand – no, not to wave at the teleprompter guy as happened during his disastrous “shadow briefing” —  but to cough into!

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