Why Would Rep. Tlaib Use Multiple Aliases?? What Is She Hiding? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of terrorists using aliases

IN the main, folks with average intelligence recognize when something hinky is afoot. They may not realize what’s what, but, instinctively, they can smell a rat. You know, even a precocious middle schooler can sense when smoke is blown their way. Yes, as many parents, grandparents, and related authority figures have experienced, think of the countless times that you caught your young charges with a sideways smirk, or fielding an irritating eye roll or two in your direction, when they overhear or smell something that just doesn’t seem right. Fishy.  

IN this regard, raise that ‘O RLY’ factor to the nth degree, and let’s see what shakes out of Tlaib’s (terror-tied) tree. As such, even when posed to the young and innocent, they, too, recognize that multiple names for one person, aliases, if you will, are not for nothing. Suspect.

BUT when it comes to those hooked-into Capitol Hill –…

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