Trump, Muslims and Mexicans

Cry and Howl

Here we go with just a bit more of the same. It can’t be too bad seeing as the major media hasn’t let up on all the usual. 313,000 new jobs were added last month holding unemployment at 4.1%. The President will meet with the North Korean leader in hopes of solving the aggressive problem with the lunatic and could possibly get it under control. There is a 25% tariff (tax) on U.S. cars sold in China … 2% on Chinese cars sold in the U.S. Trump is looking to make that somewhat more even. We get a massacre at a school in Florida and everyone says, “Do something!” He makes a suggestion in developing a plan to make it harder for a gunman to enter a school … “Hell no! That’s a bad idea!” The only thing that might work is to raise the age to buy a gun…

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