Various from the religion of peace 11/03/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Prayer rug in the background…
(but you knew it had to be somewhere in that home).

The Idiot’s Guide to Covering Terror Against Israel (FrontPage)
Fifteen pointers for the anti-Israel media (as if they don’t already know).

Iraqi Christians Face Extinction (New English Review)
The Religion of Peace is running wild in parts of Iraq and Syria – with the human toll being largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Hey Palestinians, Stop Whining! (INN)
The world’s money is actually keeping these crybabies from having to grow up.

Migration Invasion (WND)
Pam Geller warns Europe: it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fawstin Cartoon: Co-Exist (Truth Revolt)
“In a single graphic, artist Bosch Fawstin captures the violent truth behind jihad.”

Is the US Government Still Dealing with CAIR? (Am. Thinker)
CAIR is claiming influence that it isn’t supposed to be having.

19-Year-Old Woman’s Cries Heard During Stoning for Sex…
Girls Beaten for Playing Cricket
More Gun Crime in Sweden’s Muslim Ghetto Than All Other Nordic Nations Combined…
Brave Palestinian Warrior Stabs 80-Year-Old Woman…
Islam Teacher Sexually Assaults 6 Girls…
Germany to Pay Multiple Benefits for Multiple Wives…
Execution Video Cites Quran Verse…
Video Shows Halloween Kids Tricked into Saying Shahada…
Abbas Orders Military Funerals for Terrorists…
IDF Medics Fight to Save Lives of Stabbers…
750 ‘Refugees’ Dumped on Bucolic German Town of 102…
Journalists’ Beheading Video: Slaughter for ‘All Apostates’…
Ex-Muslim Needs Bodyguard – in Germany…
Turkey’s Islamist Party Wins Landslide – Kurds in Crosshair…
ISIS Makes $500 Million from Oil Smuggled via Turkey…
Social Media Producing Younger Terrorists…
Palestinian Seals Crying Baby in Bucket…
‘Moderate’ Malaysia: Family Forced to ‘Stay Muslim’…
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