Why Did Rubio Sign on to McCain’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Letter?

Why Did Rubio Sign on to McCain’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Letter?

Ahh, yes. Self proclaimed war hero and military expert McCain. As responsible for Obama’sMiddle East clusterf$#K as Obama, Clinton and Kerry.

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Front Page Magazine by Daniel Greenfield

…The process by which Morsi was removed was the same as the process by which Mubarak was removed; popular protests followed by the military choosing sides. The media supported the overthrow of Mubarak and therefore has no credible reason for opposing the removal of Morsi by many of the same people and through the same methods… except support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile McCain, Rubio and a bunch of Democrats have authored a letter to Kerry with pro-Brotherhood talking points. Most of it is filler, but the stinger comes at the end.

‘As we saw during the Arab Spring uprisings, choking off all peaceful and legitimate avenues for dissent coupled with unaccountable institutions fuels violent extremism and increases the likelihood of long-term instability. …

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Does Marco Rubio realize that by his colluding with members of the Progressive establishment, he is…

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