Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

The Mad Jewess

Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Beware… Rated R:Sorta.

I’m going to be up front, honest and brutal… In my opinion, women shouldn’t even vote. We should have never gotten the right. Why? Because women (for the most part) care more about nesting, spending money, getting their periods and making men miserable. Screaming, ranting, crying, emotional basket cases that think only of their vagina’s.

Women are horrible bosses and most are power-mad, money-hungry gold-diggers. Men know this but they keep it to themselves. Other men that are emasculated exist purely as man’gina’s… they would gladly allow some freaked-out, nervous nelly to rule the roost because they’ve lost their cojones.

Women for thousands of years – until the 20th century – were nurtured by their Husbands because those poor fellas knew they were living with tragedy queens. Of course, those days, women didn’t…

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