Easy Guide to Sharia Law

Easy Guide to Sharia Law via Gates of Vienna

Here’s a useful summary of sharia in verse form.

Easy Guide to Sharia Law

by Michael Copeland

Stoning, flogging, amputation,
Schoolgirl genital mutilation,
Shootings in public, and hangings too,
The slitting of captives’ throats to view.

No freedom of conscience or freedom of speech,
Beheading for blasphemy happens for each.
Those who defect may be openly killed
By anyone else, and the law is fulfilled.

No tolerance ever for other faiths’ mission:
Killing enforces this strict prohibition.
Same-sex partners the law says slay,
Anyone freely can make it this way.

A father should kill his erring daughter,
Control is supreme: the sanction — slaughter.
Child brides of six, consummation at nine,
Sex-play with infants or beasts — all fine.

Short term marriage in exchange for rent,
Usable boys — no age of consent.
A man may marry four wives at a time,
And divorce them simply by quoting a rhyme.

A wife is a chattel to buy, beat, and use,
Obliged to submit, not allowed to refuse.
She may not go out of the house alone,
Or talk to a man who is not of her own.

Though a woman may testify all that she can
Her witness is rated half that of a man.
She’s only entitled to half the share
That a man will inherit if he is co-heir.

In a marriage that founders it’s always the same,
The man keeps the children, regardless of blame.
For a guilty verdict where rape is averred
There have to be four male witnesses heard.

Second class status by law is decreed
For all those affirming a different creed.
Denied equal rights, they’re classed as unclean,
Their symbols of faith are a crime when seen.

As proof of submission a tax must be paid,
No church can be built, no repair can be made.
It’s perfectly legal to own a slave,
But forbidden to set up a cross on a grave.

Sculpture’s unlawful, and art is controlled,
Sport is men only: they do as they’re told.
Restrictions govern what clothes to wear,
The type of beard, and length of hair,

What foods to eat, or music to hear,
No bacon, no pork, no wine, no beer.
There’s a duty to strive and promote this core
By steadfast struggle and acts of war.

Of charity money collected or sent
A share on Jihad is obliged to be spent.
Expressly enjoined in the spread of these laws
Is the use of deception to further the cause.

Intolerant ever of even a critic,
They’re all along violently anti-Semitic.
Denouncing democracy, even laws passed
Some senior cleric may quash at the last.

Never reformed, yet admitting no flaw,
They’re claimed to prevail over all other law.
By Congress or Parliament never arranged,
Neither by either may any be changed.

Allegiance to country is pushed aside,
Allegiance to law must override.
Supporters chant it loud and well:
“Queen and Country — Go to Hell!”

The Stars and Stripes they light and say:
“Burn, burn, USA!”
Superior, unchangeable, bearing inside
A political aim — imposition worldwide.

The Gates of Vienna

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