Turkish jets harass & stalks helicopter transporting Greek Defence Minister and Top General

Allah's Willing Executioners

Turkish fighter jets harassed a helicopter that was carrying Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, Greece’s Minister of National Defence, and General Konstantinos Floros, Greece’s Chief of General Staff yesterday — the top two military commanders in the country.

The two were on their way to visit Greek military outposts on islands in the eastern Aegean Sea — near to Turkey, but still within Greek territory — when two Turkish F-16s unexpectedly intercepted the helicopter and flew alongside it, occasionally making dangerous maneuvers near it, asreportedby Greek City Times.

The incident took place at approximately 11:30 AM Sunday morning, shortly after the helicopter had taken off from Oinousses. The Turkish planes again flew into Greek airspace a short time later over Agathonisi. They ultimately left the area when Greek fighters intervened.

While violations of Greek’s territorial boundaries by the Turkish armed forces is nothing new, this incident was notable for its especially…

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