3 Visions I Had Last Week, 1 Was Of An Antique Medicine Cabinet, +

The Mad Jewess

I had 3 very fast visions. As with any vision or dream, we have to just test it. Not take it as “Gospel”. They’re just dreams/visions that are possibly from the Lord.

The first very fast vision was an antique medicine cabinet, one that hangs on the wall.
[It resembled the photo below]

The second vision later in the night:
Someone threw something at Prez Trump.

Third vision:
A Captain in charge of a ship in NYC was removed from power.

I only know about the first vision:
This is for anyone.

Get an OLD remedy book. Use the OLD medicines (if) you can in our ‘future’ going forward.
We have to work HARD to not rely on pharma anymore.

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