U.S. Imam: ‘Islamists Have The RIGHT To Take The Property Of Christians And Jews’ + Muslim Call To Prayer BROADCASTED In Major US City – The Nexus

Adina Kutnicki

(Originally published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org)

Muhammadans in America — akin to their brothers and sisters worldwide — are not far off from feeling empowered enough to openly broadcast similarly depicted death calls. Incontestably, the very same exhortation to kill Christians and Jews is inculcated in mosques all across America. In fact, hateful, jihadi recitations within the “holy” Koran — considered to be Allah’s dictates, as revealed to “prophet” Muhammad — are recited multiple times a day. As such, they are a major contributory factor to the blackened hearts of followers of Islam. This is indisputable.

Ominously, (whether you) like it or not, (whether you) believe it or not, it is under said truth-telling and dangerous backdrop that Islam is elevated within America — the west in toto, but let’s stick to the heretofore land of the free, the home of the brave. Concomitantly, this western submission comes at the expense…

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