The Strong Horse, errr Locomotive


Mitch Daniels popped up on many of our radars when he was George W Bush’s chief of the OMB, we should have paid better attention perhaps when he was Chief Political Advisor to President Reagan. He really got my attention when he was Governor of Indiana. A couple of old blogfriends, The Chicks on the Right (and yes, I still read them occasionally) were pushing him pretty hard to run for President in 2012. As you likely know, he refused. I think he did the right thing when he took on the presidency of Purdue University.

He added another reason to all the others, this week, as Joy Pullman of The Federalist tells us.

While other education leaders are waiting for politicians to release their students from the lockdowns suspending their futures, former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, now head of Purdue University, is making plans to reopen his campus for…

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