Planet Of The Humans Review: Exposing The Fallacy Of “Renewable” Energy

PA Pundits - International

By Peter Murphy~

Renewable energy from wind, solar and woodchips may one day make financial, practical and earthly sense, and enable the world to rely less on fossil fuels.

But not today, and likely not ever, according to Michael Moore’s new documentary film, Planet of the Humans, which flays renewable energy as doing more harm to the planet than good.

Mr. Moore is the film’s Executive Producer, and it is directed and narrated by the effective soft-spokeness of Jeff Gibbs. CFACT discussed this film last weekend, where it can be viewed for free on YouTube.

Early in the film the questions are asked, “[A]re we desperate to accept any idea that sounds ‘alternative’ or ‘green’? Are we avoiding looking too closely [at renewables] because we don’t want to know the answer?”

This documentary provides many such answers.

The film punctures numerous claims by the green movement, particularly the

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