10 Steps America Should Take Now To Respond To The China Challenge

PA Pundits - International

By Walter Lohman and James Carafano ~

The growing chorus to “punish” China for how it has handled the COVID-19 crisis is understandable and justifiable. We need to be smart about how we do this, building up American strength even as we hold China accountable.

If the challenge of our era is a multidecade great-power competition with China, the United States can do a range of things to win.

The U.S. should lead an international effort to investigate the origins of the new coronavirus. Pictured: Police wearing face masks move into position Tuesday in response to a protest at the International Finance Center shopping mall in Hong Kong, China. (Photo: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

And although this competition is going to require compromise, none of the following 10 suggestions unnecessarily undermines economic freedom—the true engine of American strength. These are real, “shovel ready” ideas.

1. Get to the bottom of…

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