While German pensioners have to collect empties to avoid starvation, refugees throw food in the dirt

Allah's Willing Executioners

Last Monday evening there was an uproar in the quarantine accommodation for asylum seekers in Puchheim. Refugees threw food around.

About 20 residents are accommodated there. Because they could infect others with the coronavirus, they are not allowed to leave the building. The refugees no longer receive money for shopping, but food is delivered to their doorstep.

Obviously there is no understanding for this among a group of refugees: They have rabidly stopped the food from being distributed. The police had to intervene. The food was left on the property to de-escalate. When the police and staff of the district administration office left, all the delivered apples, bread and milk were thrown over the fence. The district office is responsible for accommodation. District Administrator Thomas Karmasin: “The behaviour of the troublemakers is completely unacceptable and will be investigated thoroughly.” The quarantine was ordered by the health department. Violations are not…

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