The [Continuing] Story of Freedom


The spot in Canterbury Cathedral where St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, was martyred

Lord Acton was correct, “The love of power corrupts, and the love of absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”

The last week or so has not been a comfortable one, for anyone who loves freedom, as we have watched several governors usurp the power reserved to the people to set rules in place which clearly contradict the Constitution and both precedent and law. Many of us, in both England and America, have also felt that our churches have developed a reluctance to stand for what Christianity has always meant. In fact, in England, the last time the churches were closed was during the reign of King John, when the king was excommunicated and England placed under interdict. and was in direct line with the barons forcing his signature on Magna Charta. The resulting Great Charter, first…

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