Riots erupt in Rouen in the wake of Paris unrest

Allah's Willing Executioners

Media coup: Generation Identity projects protesting message on the Great Mosque of Lyon. Photo supplied

Riots in France continue. After a biker crashed into the door of a police car in Villeneuve-la-Garenne on April 18, tensions erupted not only in several immigrant social housing districts in the suburbs of Paris, but also elsewhere in the country.

On the night of Sunday April 26 to Monday April 27, the city of Rouen was the scene of urban violence. Rubbish bin fires and construction equipment were arsoned in various places and an impressive police presence had to be deployed to repel provocative rioters, reported the site.

It all started in the late afternoon, northeast of Rouen. Many urban rodeos were first reported with dozens of motorcycles, quads and cars driving at high speed in the streets. The situation calmed down with the massive arrival of police, but tensions quickly resumed overnight.

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