French consumers face a flour shortage… thanks to Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

France, the European leader in wheat, has given Germany the keys tosupplyingits packaging for flour. It is paying a high price today. Germany is a world leader in adaptable packaging and almost the sole supplier of flour packaging to itsneighbour.

At the start of confinement, there was a pasta, sugar and flour rush. This unique environment was an opportunity for the French to revisit the kitchen by increasing the production of homemade bread and cakes. But quickly, the reality became apparent: in mass distribution, for lack of replenishment, there is almost no more flour. In about a third of supermarkets, the shelves are empty.

“Throughout France, flour sales to individuals have doubled in the past five weeks; millers are working like crazy,” says Jean-François Loiseau, president of theMeunerie de Franceand of the Axéréal cooperative.

To meet the high demand, millers areadaptingtheir activity…

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