Despite Corona: special permit for pro refugee rally in Hamburg, Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

While political assemblies are banned nationwide and – as recently in Berlin – are stopped by the police if they are not permitted, special rights apply to those in favour of migration. For example, the Hamburg “Seebrücke” is allowed to hold a public “vigil” on Sunday in the St. Pauli district of the city with the aim that people from the Aegean islands who are seeking asylum will be allowed to come to Hamburg. No less than 20 (!) locations between Fischmarkt and St. Pauli were approved, each with up to 25 participants.With this series of meetings, the organiser Christoph Kleine wants to influence the red-green coalition negotiations in the Hanseatic city: “The Seebrücke demands that the new red-green senate establish a state reception programme for at least 1000 people from Moria or the other camps – regardless of age or gender. Hamburg had enough space and resources to take…

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