Authoritarian Rumblings – Who’s the Real Enemy Here?

The NeoConservative Christian Right

I feel the need to share something. I’ve never owned a gun in my life. In my teenage days I shot plenty of rifles belonging to friends growing up in rural Central Washington State (In those days the State had only two area codes – 509 east of the Cascades and 206 west of the Cascades. The 206’ers were considered idiot Seattle urbanites). The unrealistic restrictions being placed on Americans resulting from COVID-19 unleashed from and by somewhere in Wuhan Communist China is a HUGE THREAT ON AMERICAN LIBERTY! As COVID recedes (AND IT WILL!) and my Liberty is continued to be stepped on, I will be buying guns. Not for protection from common criminals. But in preparation to protect God-given Rights from a corrupt government. A new 1776 might be a new freedom battle cry.

JRH 4/27/20

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