27 April – The China threat is everywhere – Wray explains

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Wray coming out with this in February smells of covering for the allowed espionage.  He knew what was going to go on, so they had to lay the groundwork for the warning.  But it’s too little and to late and WE know he knew.

Senate confirms Christopher Wray as next FBI director


Director Christopher Wray’s Opening Remarks: China Initiative Conference

February 6, 2020

Christopher Wray: Well, thanks, John. And I want to add my thanks to those of others to CSIS for hosting this event and for all you to do educate policymakers and the public.

You’ve just heard a pretty sobering presentation from Bill about some of the costs and the impact of this threat. I will tell you from my lens, having been FBI Director for over two years now and having had to confront what I would argue is a wider than ever array of challenging threats, this one to me really stands out…

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