WATCH: Germany on Corona lockdown – Arab clan riots in front of a hospital emergency room

Allah's Willing Executioners

50 to 60 members of the criminal Arab Remmo Clan gathered in front of the emergency room of the Kreuzberg Clinic am Urban in Berlin on Tuesday night. An elderly member of the clan had been admitted there shortly before and had died. It is said to be the mother of clan boss Issa Remmo. On the way to the hospital, two other clan members are said to have speeded through a speed check by the police – one of the officers on site was apparently only able to save himself by jumping to the side. The police then apparently started a chase after the two cars. One of the two drivers allegedly escaped in his Porsche car. Another driver is said to have been arrested near the hospital after a collision of his VW car with a police car. Meanwhile, several police officers were presumably busy in front of…

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