UK: Two Men Arrested For Posting “Pubs Closed, Borders Open” Stickers – Councillor says message is an affront to diversity

Allah's Willing Executioners


Two men in the UK were arrested on charges of racially aggravated offenses after they posted stickers related to the coronavirus outbreak which said “pubs closed, borders open.”

The stickers, another of which said “open border, virus disorder,” were posted on lamp posts, bins, bus stop signs and bollards around areas of Sheffield. They are believed to be the work of the Hundred-Handers group, described as “far right” by theBBC.

Police said two men, aged 20 and 22, were held on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences and have now been released while investigations continue.

Local councillor Miskell said the stickers were an affront to diversity.

“This is absolutely disgusting and comes at a time where our diverse community is busy working together to tackle the virus,” he said. “This sort of behaviour can damage community cohesion and relationships across the city. We’re all…

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