Immigrants in Germany revolt against Corona measures

Allah's Willing Executioners

The German city of Hagen has placed two immigrant social housing complexes with Corona cases under constant police surveillance. The around 60 residents may no longer leave the property on the orders of the municipal health authority.

In the houses, three people had previously tested positive for the Coronavirus, the regional dailyWestfalenpostreported . “To prevent these illegal trips, the regulatory office ordered two guards on Friday to check the curfew on the houses,” said the city.

The houses are located in the Wehringhausen district, a district where the proportion of immigrants is more than 50 percent. According to a local news portal, the majority of the residents are Romanians.

“The district borders the station area. Our patrols go there more often, especially because there are more physical clashes and drug offenses,” a police spokesman toldFocus Online. “The proportion of migrants in this area is indeed well…

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