God and The Walking Dead


You may – or may not! – be surprised to read that I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead. I could never watch it on tv because Lon maintains he ‘got over’ zombies when he was 14. While I understand his point, I think, with what little he has seen of it, he’s missed a larger picture. The larger picture I see was, perhaps, completely unintended; but then I wonder about that, too, because the character Hershel brings up the subject to the lead character, Rick.

The zombies are merely a vehicle used to move the story forward. They are ‘incidental’, if you will, except of course to the thirty-somethings viewers who haven’t gotten over zombies. They (zombies) are more times than not, the catalyst for action for the non-zombies. While soap opera daily and weekly shows will be in the kitchen or living room or the hospital…

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