Could our public schools be better run by state and local citizens?


Republican Proposes Eliminating Department of Education. Here Are 7 Reasons That’s A Great Idea.

For years, I fought the NEA as a teacher, to teach to the student, the individual student instead of the “class.” Sadly, at tis point, the NEA is more interested in political statements an political correctness than in the actual education of our students. If you look at the front page of their website, there is very little about the education f our students, but much about various political viewpoints.

The NEA is arguably one of the most powerful Unions in America.They are noted for huge donations to candidates of the Democrat party and to the party itself. They also played a huge role in the design and implementation of “Obamacare.”It is very confusing to me, as a teacher, that the focus of tis powerful union is on anything BUT the education of our students.

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