Bringing Drug Manufacturing Back To America May Be Tougher Than You Think

Bringing Drug Manufacturing Back To America May Be Tougher Than You Think


Chinese Drug Manufacturing
The Wuhan virus epidemic has exposed the truth of something President Trump and other believers in America First policies have been talking about for a long time: Relying on China to manufacture supplies crucial to our wellbeing is very very dangerous.

Back on January 11, 2017, before he was even inaugurated, then-President-elect Donald Trump laid out his ambitions for the US pharma industry. Reversing the trend of the past few years – which was to outsource ever more manufacturing to plants overseas – he called for a return to domestic production.

“We have to get our drug industry coming back,” he said at a press conference. “Our drug industry has been disastrous. They’re leaving left and right. They supply our drugs, but they don’t make them here.”

Trump was right of course, but Congress, more intent on destroying his presidency than helping America, failed to act on legislation that might have helped.

Now, in an effort to begin the process of bringing drug manufacturing back to America Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) have introduced the Securing America’s Medicine Cabinet (SAM-C) Act to increase American manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the building blocks of prescription drugs. Currently, only 28% of API-producing facilities are in the United States and the number of Chinese facilities has more than doubled since 2010.

According to, it is hard to gain a handle on the extent of outsourcing, because US trade statistics do not fully reflect the complexity of the global supply chain. Drug products are liable to cross borders at several points during their lifecycle, meaning that even when the drug itself is assembled domestically, around 80% of active ingredients are produced outside the US. Today, the world’s leading supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is China. Conservative HQ read more

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