This Lefty Mayor’s Attack on Boris Johnson Was So Disgusting It Got Her Booted From Her Own Party

Allah's Willing Executioners

Left-wing Labour Party Mayor Sheila Oakes has apologized after the furious storm rained on her vindictive parade against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. After Johnson was moved to intensive care while fighting the Chinese coronavirus, Oakes posted on Facebook, “Sorry, he completely deserves this and he is one of the worst PM’s we’ve ever had.”

Johnson seems to trigger the left almost as much as Donald Trump does, inspiring unhinged hatred in the opposition. But British people seem to be better behaved than we are because the outcry over Oakes’ comment was swift and widespread, leading the Labour Party to exile her from the party and remove her from her position as whip. This means she will have to run as an independent in future elections.

On Tuesday, 

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