6 April 2020 – Germany -Lock downs work – or – the DATA is being augmented

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How is Germany manipulating their data ?  That is the question.  How is the data being gathered and then how are the cases being documented?

As Germany’s coronavirus outbreak appears to peak at fewer than 1,500 deaths – why HAS it performed so much better than most of Europe?

  • German officials recorded 92 deaths in one day, the fewest fatalities in a week
  • Italy’s death toll at its ‘peak’ was 9,140 compared to Germany’s 1,434
  • That’s despite both countries reporting over 6,000 cases on their worst days 
  • The UK, France, Sweden and Denmark all seem to either be nearing their peak
  • Currently the UK’s daily death doll is doubling around every two to three days 

Germany today saw a sharp drop in its daily death and case toll count, sparking hope that the unprecedented coronavirus lockdown is working.

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