Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Refuses Life Saving Help From Remington

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After all kinds of complaining that his state of New York needs ventilators, oh so many ventilators because there aren’t nearly enough in New York, has refused help from Remington when they offered to give room, at their facility, for ventilators and other medical related equipment to be built. Here are just a few of his Twitter tweets where he pleads for needed supplies. You can find one here, here, here, here, here, and here to show just a few posts. What audacity this governor has to cry that he needs help for his state and then blatantly refusing help when it is offered…..and all because he doesn’t like the industry that offers help. How petty can one get? Well, you decided to close down Remington’s plant as non-essential and Remington has still offered their help. Why haven’t you told them that you would accept…

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