1 April 2020 -Massachusetts and Alabama are dangerously sharing the addresses of people with coronavirus (Covid)- We didn’t do this during the EBOLA or HIV epidemics

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First responders should be protecting themselves from all sorts of things.  We didn’t give addresses of people who had EBOLA or HIV, so what’s the idea behind THIS?

People who respond to emergencies are always prepared to protect themselves from everything related.  This is just being used as another cover to take away our rights and privacy.

Alabama and Massachusetts are Giving the Addresses of People Diagnosed with Coronavirus to Police

Alabama and Massachusetts are now giving addresses of people who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus to the police in an effort to ‘contain the virus.

The lists are updated daily so first responders called by ambulance know if people in the home have the virus.

Full names of people are supposedly omitted from the lists and the states promise to delete the information after the Coronavirus crisis is over.

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