Loss of smell and taste may be sign of Covid-19 infection

Allah's Willing Executioners

The professional membership body representing Ear, Nose and Throat surgery, as well as its related specialities in the United Kingdom (ENT UK) reports that there is now new evidence that anosmia, that is, loss of the ability to sense odor, is a symptom of Covid-19 infection.

Anosmia or the inability to smell or taste, comes from the Greekan(without) andosme(smell).Hyposmia is the medical term for the reduced sense of odor.

ENT UKwritesthat there is already sufficient evidence of this from South Korea, China and Italy.A significant number of patients with proven Covid-19 infection have developed anosmia/hyposmia.

In Germany, more than 2 in 3 (67 percent) of all confirmed cases have anosmia.In South Korea, where testing has been more widespread, 30 percent of patients who tested positive for Covid-19 have had anosmia.

This was noted in milder cases where the main symptoms have been just lost…

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