30 March 2020 – “It can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round the clock”… – one funeral home received two shipments of 5,000 urns

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Wow!!! “around the clock” – How many people IS that? and ONE Funeral home go 5000 urns over only 2 days time?

The numbers must be insane.  It’s no wonder, because it’s mutation rate seems astronomical to me.  The Flu mutates about 2 or 3 times per year from what I understand.  These, numbers seem to be massive.

If we use logic, then looking at the DNA of this thing, would dictate that there’s NO way that it’s not laboratory engineered.  See the number 5 link below.  Nocturnal animals and diurnal animals DNA?  When would the two ever com in to contact? And birds contact with FERRETS – THIS thing is a Frankenstein (and worse) monster.

And that is more in line with what we know about Coronavirus

1-  27 March 2020 – Coronavirus is a monster.  It can mutate and HAS Mutated – 149 mutation FROM EARLY IN MARCH!!-…

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