The Neo made me do it!


I just finished reading Oh Settle Down, by Neo, and my fingers started twitching. My shoulders started to shake. My eyeballs went gonzo. So here I am and you can lay the blame at Neo’s feet. Or desk. Whatever.

I’ve been on FaceBook a long time. I write my little stuff and one or two family members or friends will give me a thumb’s up or a giggle. Rarely ever more than that. The day of The Great Hoarding, you remember, the day folks wiped out supermarkets across the land, I wrote on my FB page, “Preppers don’t look so crazy now, do they?” Well – Lord a’mighty! Hit a nerve! A few said, no, they don’t, but many more said yes they did and provided me with their versions of what’s right and what’s wrong. My biggest FB day, ever! FB congratulated me. Can’t help it – I’m…

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