Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly

The Mad Jewess

Everyone is looking for an anti Christ.  Well, he’s already here and he was the Prez of the US (Obama is either ‘the one’ or the ‘prophet’ OF ‘the one’.)    Imagine a nation turning SO evil that we had this disgusting pig as a Prez.  People worshiped this evil devil like he was Jesus.  The Left loved this bottom-feeding pond scum. Of course they did because he is the most evil creature alive and they are evil personified.

I just saw an article where Satan/Obama was refuting Prez Trump about the virus…SO typical of Obama. So predictable.  I bet the monster becomes King of the UN.  Remember now….he wants to be ‘king’ of the world.  Then, he’ll lead all of the nations to Israel to kill the Jews there and all these phony “Christians” that hate Israel will praise that monster to the skies just because they hate all…

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