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The Biden Resume’

In 8 years as Vice President of this country, Joe Biden was given only 3 jobs by President Obama:

  1. Oversee the spending of the $850 billion Stimulus Bill
  2. Take over control of relations with Ukraine
  3. Make a speech at the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Council

This is how Joe Biden performed in each of these three roles.

Stimulus Bill:

  • Joe Biden was tasked with overseeing the spending of the $850 billion Stimulus Bill legislation.  To this day, there has NEVER been an official accounting of the monies spent.  Biden made no report.  We simply have no idea where the bulk of nearly $1 trillion was spent.


  • Well, most of you know how it turned out when Obama put “Sheriff Joe” in charge of Ukraine. One accomplishment that Biden DID have, of course, was to land a cushy job for his boy over there and then protect his kid’s job using his position in government

Atlantic Council:

  • Only Joe Biden could turn a simple speech at the Atlantic Council anniversary gala into a complete outing of the Navy SEALs who had taken out Osama bin Laden the week prior. Every other person in the U.S. government, including all in the Armed Services, who knew that in fact SEAL Team Six had accomplished the mission kept their mouths shut because it was a matter of life and death for that special ops team.  But Biden, oh not Joe, “that’s just Joe being Joe” had to play the big shot name dropper and outed the team and led to their deaths.
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