China, Article III: Every corona patient is a victim of China

Allah's Willing Executioners

“Can the Chinese government be held responsible for ‘criminal negligence’ in relation to Covid-19?”, asks the economist Branko Milanovic. This is the question that many columnists and observers ask themselves.

I talked withSteven W. Mosher, an American expert on China and head of the Population Research Institute about this,the single most important political and cultural issue in the presentglobal crisis.

Meotti:What doesn’t the West get about the Chinese regime?

Mosher:Even after the end of the current pandemic–which will, sooner than we think, end–China will notbe looked upon the same way again. Its relationship with the West in general, and the U.S. in particular, will be fundamentally different. It will no longer be seen as merely an economic competitor, or even a strategic rival.

It will be seen as a hostile force to be confronted at every turn.

China will not give up its hegemonic aspirations…

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