Sage Advice, Just in Thyme


I can’t speak for you, but Audre spoke for me yesterday when she commented that after informing myself, I’m ready to do something different. Politics is always one of those things where we would prefer to avert our eyes from the sausage making. And it becomes even worse when one of our parties seems to obviously and ostentatiously promote their policies, including infanticide on the public dime, ahead of citizens’ lives. There is a reason why many of us refer to the Democratic Party as the Party of Death. We do because it is.

Still, the world is such that if we the people don’t keep the watch, they’ll win, and so we do, trying not to vomit along the way. But it leaves a sickness in us. And that needs cleansing. Audre has part of the answer, and I too can be found on YouTube or increasingly on Amazon…

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