Germany: Horrible discoveries in the case of a suspected "cyber jihadist"

Allah's Willing Executioners

Investigators have discovered gruesome footage at the home of a suspected Islamic terrorist from Cologne. They are said to originate from the former territory of the Islamic state and had been discovered on data media during a house search of the accused. In the trial against the 39-year-old German-Tunisian, which was continued on Thursday, the recordings were shown as evidence on screens in the courtroom.There were footage of people having their throats cut and their heads chopped off with swords.

One footage showed two men who were burned alive. Other footage showed small boys shooting other people, including a small child, under adult supervision. The presiding judge said that even more cruel video footage had been seized. These have not been shown yet.

A defense attorney claimed that the footage had to be evaluated against the background that the client had been “partly journalistically on the road”. He could also…

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