Foster Kids Were Deliberately Given to Pedophiles in Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

The moonbattery they run on public television issick, but not the sickest thing to come out of Germany. The normalization of pedophilia, a logical next step in progressives’ march toward utopia, has led to horrors that are only now coming to light. An academic named Helmut Kentler produced the theory that troubled and “feeble-minded” youth could be assisted through sexual enslavement to pedophiles. This led to a taxpayer-funded experiment that ran from 1969 through 2003, and that might have horrified Josef Mengele.

ViaBlacklisted News:

Despite the absolutely horrid implications of putting children in the care of pedophiles, in 1969, Kentler managed to persuade West Berlin’s ruling Senate that troubled youths would be glad to be put into situations in which they would be sexually abused.

When people started learning about this in 2015, Teresa Nentwig of the University of Göttingen was commissioned to report on what…

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