What’s Going on Here?


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Clarice Feldman, in her weekly article at American Thinker, illustrated why I have enjoyed her columns for a decade now. Let’s look in.

My online friend Jeffrey Satinover compared the President to an ultrasonic whistle “that cause all of the vermin to rush frantically out of their hiding holes, and you suddenly realize how infested the place is.” This week’s presser was a masterstroke that exposed the lie of socialism versus capitalism, central power versus federal systems with its diffusion of power and responsibility, and the effects of a dynamic leader versus conventional ones. In the process, we can see how  Trump’s fight against open borders, bureaucratic red tape, and globalized production is a critical part of national health and security.

Open Borders 

Porous national borders aid the spread of infectious disease and given China’s mendacious two-month secrecy about the Wuhan virus outbreak, the President’s shutting down travel from…

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