The International Criminal Court violates international law

Allah's Willing Executioners

By David Abrams

Is the International Criminal Court itself violating international law?  Should the International Criminal Court be designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization?  On its face, these appear to be radical and bold propositions, but in recent years, the ICC has crossed a significant line: the ICC is attempting to seize jurisdiction over all nations, not just those states that have subscribed to the ICC Treaty.  As set forth below, this self-aggrandizing behavior is more than the mission creep so typical of international organization.  Rather, it is an attack on basic principles of sovereignty and a violation of international law and by extension the laws of the United States.

By way of background, most pro-Israel attorneys are familiar with the recent controversy surrounding the International Criminal Court.The ICC was created 20 years ago with the goal of setting up a permanent tribunal for the prosecution of serious crimes against humanity.Although Israel was…

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