Italian specialist: Three diseases that invite risk faced with the Coronavirus

Allah's Willing Executioners

It seems that there are no more doubts since the data are clear: The mortality from Covid-19 is higher “for hypertensive patients, patients with cardiac arrhythmias, diabetics and patients with cardiovascular diseases”.

“These patients can protect themselves by staying at home,” explained Antonio Rebuzzi, professor of Cardiology at the Catholic University of Rome and director of the Cardiological Intensive Care Unit of the Gemelli Polyclinic in the capital.

And more generally, the elderly should stay at home, he toldAdnKronos. “These patients can protect themselves by staying at home.” In addition to the elderly, people who already suffer from hypertension, diabetes and cardiac arrhythmias in particular, are the subjects faced with the threat of contracting the new Coronavirus, which has triggered a global pandemic.

To underline the risk taken by patients with these pathologies, the American College of Cardiology which, as reported by Italian dailyil Messaggero, had…

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