#RESIGNChuck Schumer NOW. Make Him An Example for Cryin’out loud!!! MY GOD!

The Mad Jewess

#DumpChuck Schumer NOW. Make An Example for Cryin’out loud

Chuck Schumer says that his threatening of the SCOTUS was a “NY thing”.  Garbage!  He is supposed to be a Senator.  The SCOTUS is not supposed to be influenced let alone intimidated and threatened by this hideous Communist, wet noodle, dumbass, fake Yid, Schmuck Schumer.

If he was a Republican, the Left would be DEMANDING his resignation over a lot LESS.  Conservatives never win because they don’t know HOW to fight.  Look what the Left did to Kavanaugh…all that hooplah over lies!  They forced out AG John Ashcroft over nothing! AG Alberto Gonzales over accusations, nothing proven! Senate Minority leader Trent Lott for being ‘kind’ to Strom Thurmond as he was sick and dying, AG John Mitchell, Spiro Agnew ETC! 


Eric Holder, AG was held in contempt of Congress. He should have been…

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