Jihad in India and coming here thanks to Obama and his tribe of progressives.

Jihad in India and coming here thanks to Obama and his tribe of progressives.

Below words in red are mine.

Jihad has come to India.  The Obama administration and the State Department will tell you that it is nothing more than isolated acts by individuals.  The government in New Delhi will say you are stirring up anti-Muslim sentiment.  Our governments refuse to see that we are at war for our survival, they refuse to acknowledge the enemy for what it is. They import an ever increasing number of our enemies in the name of political correctness and human rights. These people care nothing for human rights and their goal is our destruction. The mainstream media will ask how you can say that when we are hearing nothing about it from them.  But it is real, and it is happening now.  I have seen it first-hand.  The Obama administration’s studied denial will find us caught as flat-footed in India as we were in Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere.  The difference is that India is an economic and military giant, with nuclear weapons, and could be a cornerstone of any effective fight against radical Islam.

For several years, I have been talking about the progressive radicalization of Bangladesh.  Although it is the only country that ranks among the ten most populous and the ten most densely populated, as well as being the second largest Muslim-majority nation, events there do not capture people’s imagination.  When you talk about India in the same context, however, people take notice.  The thought of an Islamist dominated India scares the heck out of them and should.  While our own strategic thinkers (What strategic thinkers? What we have are a bunch of PC academic ignoramuses that are leading us to our destruction.) concentrate on internecine struggles in the Middle East, their obliviousness to the significance of an Islamist India has enabled our enemies to further their agenda. They certainly are doing an excellent job of enabling our enemies to further their Islamic agenda.

Statistics might be the “smoking gun,” but jihad’s impact is far more powerful in the testimony of individual non-Muslim residents who are its victims.  One elderly woman in the Howrah district told us how Muslims are taking over her property piece by piece.  She even showed us a wall with a star and crescent on it that local Muslims built to identify it as dar al Islam.  In another village, residents showed us the remains of a Hindu temple that Muslims recently destroyed after urinating on its holy objects.  These are the Muslim scumbags that demand we respect their evil cult and go ballistic at the thought of someone desecrating a  rag called the Quoran spawned from the wet dream of a mad man called Mohammad. Most poignant was the testimony of a crestfallen mother whose 22-year-old daughter was abducted weeks ago by local Muslims.  Abduction of Hindu women and girls in the name of Islam has been common in Bangladesh for years and is a key element in jihad: eliminating females of childbearing years from the gene pool and forcing them to “produce” Muslim offspring instead.  So much for allowing Muslims into our countries in the name of human rights. What a crock of bull shit. It is now happening in India, according to victimized parents who told me about it in India’s North and Northeast.

Read in entirety at American Thinker.

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