Islamization of the west.

We posted this on March 5, 2011 on Boudica BPI Weblog our original site. The only thing that has changed is that it is now worse. Our western political leaders have learned nothing and a dumbed down, politically correct citizenry keeps electing these assholes.

Islamization of the west.

Political Islam – a Government of Hate

Islam is a plague that has been visited upon struggling humanity since its founding in 622 AD by the prophet Mohammed.  His specter is again arising sword in hand in the misguided attempt to rule the world.

How the West let the Camel (Islam) into our Tent

Canada and most western democracies opened its doors to immigrants from every country in the world regardless of their political or legal systems, their educational standards or religious beliefs.  This massive and careless infusion of often totally alien cultures was done over the objections of many within our Heritage Communities.  (In this article “Heritage Communities or Heritage Culture” (HC), means our English-speaking British Canadian culture and to a lesser extent the French-speaking culture of Quebec).

The error began within fifteen years of the end of our bloody WW2 battle to retain our freedoms.  We were victorious.  We were trusting.  We were careless.  We elected crafty leaders who hated us and wished to destroy us from within.

Read the rest at Canada Free Press.

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