@HardballChris, #WalkAway From The Left, They’re Out To Bury You Over A NOTHING Burger: “Flirting”

The Mad Jewess

@HardballChris, #WalkAway From The Left, They’re Out To Bury You Over A Nothing Accusation

I cant stand Matthews at all.   But, if the Left keeps after him, he can turn into one of their worst nitemares.  They demanded he apologize after he warned that Bernie the Bolshevik is like a Nazi something.. Lol..  I actually hope the left tears him a new butthole. 

Anyhoo… a younger chick reporter on her way to menopause is saying that Matthews ‘flirted with her‘.   The Left did this lying, accusation, ‘sexual harassment’ crap to O’Reilly also.  They’re such liars.  Even if he did ‘flirt’, who gives a damn!  Grow up, put your big girl panties on and slap a bastard for cryin’outloud.  Just stop whining.

This chick, Laura Bassett said:  This man didn’t sexually assault me, or masturbate in front of me, or text an unsolicited dick pic. But his behavior affected…

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