Soft Jihad in America

Soft Jihad in America

Muslims are the only minority in the world who will never submit to the Western laws or assimilate into the culture! In fact, they are the only migrants who actively work around the clock to impose…

Soft Jihad in America

Muslims are the only minority in the world who will never submit to the Western laws or assimilate into the culture! In fact, they are the only migrants who actively work around the clock to impose Sharia Law on everyone else.

Dr. Tariq Ramadan is a known Islamic scholar and the grandson of Hassan al-Banna who in 1928 founded the “Muslim Brotherhood” Organization.  On July 27, 2011, I covertly attended an Islamic fund raising at the Hyatt Regency Hotel , in Richardson, Texas, that was arranged by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and their key speaker was Tariq Ramadan.

Never mind how I managed to enter this highly guarded Islamic venue, but I witnessed their fund-raising methods and their goal to make America an Islamic land and eventually make Sharia Law accepted by elected officials without a single bullet to be fired. Yes, Tariq Ramadan encouraged Muslim attendees not to assimilate to American culture, but stealthily engage in political institutions, universities and run for political office. Then they will be in a position of power to drastically alter our way of life through what we know as “Cultural or Stealth Jihad.”

Tariq Ramadan was banned from coming to the US, but the Obama Administration and the Sec. of  State, Hillary Clinton, had signed an order to lift the ban which allowed Ramadan to enter the country in  order to preach to his Muslim followers.

Just because violent jihad has diminished recently, especially after the demise of  ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and founder of the Islamic caliphate, we should not be complacent. There is a more serious scheme in progress called stealth jihad. It is in full motion in every corner of the United States with the help of invaluable allies, the Democrat Party. The formula is working. America the land of the free, is under assault by the deadly ideology of Islamic subversion.

Muslim organizations have been busy and working “stealthily” changing America in what is called “Soft Jihad,” or “Cultural Jihad,” or Stealth Jihad” in the United States. Soft Jihad is practiced where the sword of jihad is not advisable, where Muslims are not strong enough to unsheath their sword, where if the true nature of Islam is exposed the public would likely stamp them out.

A critical tool of soft jihad, involves penetration of the American educational system, by use of means such as Da’wa-a religious duty of each Muslim to convert non-Muslims in order to strengthen the Islamic Ummah.

Many of our elected officials don’t even have the courage to challenge Islam and its barbaric rules. They normally avoid any questions about the nature of Islam when speaking with their constituents or just deceive them by telling them not to worry about the horrific things that are happening on the other side of the world. If Muslims act heinously toward non-Muslims, it is just the way things are in those countries and it is hardly any of our business.

This is the same attitude that set the Islamization of Europe on a seemingly irreversible track. One European country after another is rapidly buckling under the weight of Islamic ideology. But Islam is already in America and has no intention leaving or stopping the cultural jihad. It is unbelievable that America, the greatest superpower on the planet, is gradually losing its own power to political correctness.

This is alarming. But regrettably, too few Americans are aware of all this, and organizations such as the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations are taking full advantage of our naïveté. CAIR is only one of many Islamic organizations that provides refuge to stealth jihad. ARUTZSHEVA read more

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